Rovner Ligature - Eb Clarinet, 1E
Rovner Ligature - Eb Clarinet, 1E
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All Rovner Ligatures include a plastic mouthpiece cap.

Instrument Type Dark Light MKIII EDII
Clarinet Bb Bass Clarinet 3RL L-10 C-3RL 3RL-EDII
Bb Clarinet Standard Hard Rubber 1R L-5 C-1R 1R-EDII
Bb German Groove / Eb Clarinet 1E L-4 C-1E 1E-EDII
Bbb Contra-Bass Clarinet 4RL -- -- --
Eb Alto Clarinet 2RS L-7 -- --
Eb Contra-Alto Clarinet 4RS -- -- --
Model Descriptions
DARK: Assists in producing a full, centered tone. Enjoyed especially by classical performers for its warm sound, the Rovner Dark is a most favored and top selling ligature.
LIGHT: Designed for the player who desires a more contemporary style of playing. The ligature assists the performer in seeking a more responsive and free playing sound. Jazz musicians especially appreciate this fact, allowing them the opportunity to concentrate more on their music.
MKIII: A premium ligature that gives greater weight & substance to the tone as compared to the "Dark" & "Light" models.
Eddie Daniels EDII: Designed by Eddie Daniels and Phil Rovner as a professional ligature for both clarinet and saxophone players. This ligature assures the performer complete tonal control and accurate intonation throughout all registers.
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Which Ligature Do I Need?

Rovners ligatures are available in many sizes to fit a wide variety of clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces.

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