Guide to Flugelhorn Tapers

Confused about tapers? We used to be, too! Here's the scoop on flugelhorn mouthpiece tapers. If you are using the wrong taper, you may be experiencing poor intonation and response!

Important Note: Using the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper WILL slightly affect some and greatly affect other instruments intonation as well as slotting and just the all around play-ability of the instrument. In short the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper can make a great horn a dog or you may find the dog Flugel you have only needed the correct mouthpiece to play great.

Please note! Not all manufacturers make all three tapers, and some manufacturers treat certain tapers as special or custom orders.

We understand Flugelhorn tapers can be confusing. This list has been put together to the best of our knowledge and is in no way a guarantee. If in doubt, ask us before you order! We'll do our best to find out for sure.

*As of February 13, 2012 according to email exchanges between Mouthpiece Express, Mark Curry, and Brett Getzen - Getzen flugelhorns use a Large Morse Taper.

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