Yamaha Woodwind Mouthpieces

General Information

The clarinetist or saxophonist should take care in choosing a mouthpiece. Although the basic configuration is the same for all clarinet mouthpieces and for all saxophone mouthpieces, subtle nuances of design affect the sound and playing feel. Here, too, Yamaha has prepared an array of mouthpiece configurations to meet the needs of players ranging from beginners to professionals.

Woodwind players should be especially careful about the tip opening and facing length. For beginners, Yamaha offers mouthpieces with a narrow tip opening to facilitate a clear tone with easy response and consistent intonation. More advanced players will take advantage of the fuller volume and better sound projection permitted by our mouthpieces that have larger tip openings.

Musicians should know that Yamaha mouthpieces are the products of careful consideration of all the factors that affect the woodwind sound. Inspections at every stage of production and after completion ensure conformance with proven guidelines for musical performance.

mouthpiece diagram

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