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Large shank
Large shank
Medium/European Shank
Medium/European Shank
Small Shank
Small Shank

Shank Selection

There are three shank sizes used in modern euphonium and baritone mouthpieces:

Large Shank

Most "American" euphoniums require a large shank mouthpiece. Any large shank mouthpiece (including those made for trombone) will fit a euphonium that requires a large shank mouthpiece.

Some common examples of Large Shank Euphoniums are Yamaha 641, 642, and 842, Conn 19I, and King 2280, and Jupiter 570.

See also Large Shank Trombone Mouthpieces »

Medium (“European”) Shank

Some European-made Euphoniums, such as Willson and pre-1974 Boosey & Hawkes euphoniums, require medium shank. Medium shank is often called “European” taper.

Small Shank

Most Baritones and many Euphoniums require a small shank mouthpiece. Any small shank mouthpiece (including those made for trombone) will fit a baritone that requires a small shank mouthpiece.

Some common Small Shank Euphoniums/Baritones are Yamaha YEP201, YEP321, YBH621, YBH321, King 623, 625, 628, Jupiter 470, 474, 468, and 464.
Also most Marching Baritones and Euphoniums require a Small Shank mouthpiece.

See also Small Shank Trombone Mouthpieces »

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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