Yamaha Signature Series Tuba Mouthpieces

Canadian Brass Models: The general feature of the Canadian Brass custom mouthpieces is a "return" to the traditional V-shape cup. This is quite normal for tuba and horn, somewhat unusual for trombone, and rather unique for trumpet. The Canadian Brass has found the V-concept has created a much warmer, richer group sound. Musically, this richness in sound is irresistable.

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Bobo Models: Roger Bobo is a wonder. He's been called the Paganini of the Tuba. In 1961 he became the first man in history to play a tuba recital at New York's Carnegie Hall -- thus establishing the tuba as a solo instrument. A man of great natural presence and startling virtuosity on the stage, he is also a born teacher, able not only to transmit knowledge and expertise, but also to establish deep rapport with each individual student. The Bobo mouthpiece is available in two forms: the solo model for a sound that sings and projects, and the symphonic model for a big rich tone. The TT model is a recent addition specially designed for Tenor tuba and euphonium.

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Self Models: Whether or not you know his name, you have heard his sound. Jim Self's beautiful tone and lyrical phrasing have inspired leading studio composers to write prominent tuba solos for him in their scores. Since 1974 he has worked for all the major Hollywood studios, performing on over 900 motion pictures and hundreds of television shows and records. His solos in major films include Jurassic Park, Home Alone I & II, Hook, Casper, Sleepless in Seattle, Star Trek VIII, and The X Files. And it was Jim's tuba that was the "Voice of the Mothership" in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In addition to movie sound tracks, Jim can be heard on a wide spectrum of recordings with hundreds of the world's top artists and groups, as well as leading orchestras. Somehow he still finds time to play principal tuba in five Los Angeles area orchestras and has released several solo CDs of both jazz and classical music. Jim's mouthpiece embodies his long experience of playing literally ALL types of music in highly demanding situations. Jim doesn't like changing rims, so he uses the same mouthpiece on all his tubas. It is a medium large rim that is comfortable to play over the many hours a day that are required in his work. The cup and backbore are rather large for the best combination of a good centered attack and a warm, alive sound. Jim says, "I feel more accurate on the high notes than on any previous mouthpieces, and on the low notes, too."

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